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“I pay special attention, in my work, to the telling of the tale. My objective is to recapture lost histories and simple stories, which become woven into the folklore of a culture.”

Winding Our Way Home

New paintings are in the Recent Work gallery

Thanks to all who came to see me at the The Artist ProjectI hope you enjoyed the show. It was a fun weekend.  I’m sorry that some of you were unable to attend due to crappy weather on Saturday.  You can still take a look at paintings that were in the show on my website.  I hope you are all doing well and staying warm.

The new paintings that appeared at the show have been added to the Recent Work gallery. They are the first 14 that you will see.

To all those that I met at The Artist Project, and to all others who enjoy my work, you are welcome to join my Facebook group and also my mailing list.

JoEllen Brydon is a visual artist-painter, an interpretor of history, and a creator of mixed media special exhibitions. She has been exhibiting since 1985, and her many paintings hang in homes and collections on both sides of the Atlantic.

Her art tells the stories of people she meets, friends, neighbours and strangers. They tell stories of her ancestors – rooted in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. They tell of the people in her beloved Cavan hills, and of folks she finds spinning their yarns and living their lives down the street and beyond. She has spent her career telling their stories on canvas and board, in major installations, and simple paintings.

On this site, you will see paintings that are currently available for sale, as well as a selection of paintings that show the full scope of Brydon’s work. You will also see her most famous special exhibitions.

We welcome inquiries about pricing, availability and potential commissions. You can sign up to be kept informed of JoEllen’s activities, and also follow her on Facebook.

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